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by Rose » Thu Apr 27, 2006 4:14 am

I am starting this thread so that we can accumulate all the different internet sites we have shared with each other into one thread. I have just spent the last 20 minute looking for a site that some one had given in one of my first questions. I thought if we had one thread to put a whole bunch of the sites in one general place it would help us when we go back to look something up.

Please post here as well as on the site that asks the question so that it will fill up here. Give us your idea sites as well as those new unique ones that we all find so fun.

Thanks ladies I hope this idea takes off and will help us all.
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by Rose » Thu Apr 27, 2006 4:19 am --this site has many designs and kits all are for sale at a very good price and very good customer service. ---as this says it has free patterns you can also subscribe to magazines and there are patterns for other crafts ----this site you can buy kits and charts but they also have a few freebies to download --- Itlalian site, with English section, there are some beautiful patterns many use beads,,, also freebies section --- a place to purchase patterns and a small section for freebies ----this site is a combination of Told In A Garden, Lavender & Lace, Butternut Road ther is also a section of Christmas freebies from 1986 to 2005 ---French site, with freebies (on left hand side, scroll down to "free" then click on " les alfabets de sof'" and "les motifs de sof'" not the easiest site to get around but some interesting stuff for free. ---this one I found it has some very interesting designs no freebies but some very good oriental and artsy designs. ---this is a needle craft shop site in th UK I have had very good reports on service ----another on-line shop with many designers to chose from -----this one is different from the Free patterns online you can pay for the pattern and then download it. The cost is less because you get the pattern instantly Very good service ---not just crossstitch but other crafting ideas and materials -----site for kits and accessories I don't know about service I have no information on this one. ----this one has kits and charts. the original post said there were freebies but I did not find them.
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by Serinde » Thu Apr 27, 2006 7:48 am

Here are some sites which help with stitches or fabric. I'll add to this list as new ones are found (rather than make a new entry) so to keep all of these sorts of sites together. stitich instructions with pictures for stitch instructions for stitching on black fabric animated stitches!

There are four new hardanger freebies on this site, as well as others:

Here be freebies of great character in several different styles:

Don't know if this has been posted before, but The Silver Needle has a page of freebies here: stitch diagrams

Fabric size calculators: processForm=0 cross-stitch information as well as other crafts -this one give ideas about finishing projects. It has a great one for bookmarks but also bags and other ideas
another idea for finishing the backs of bookmarks is to use iron-on interfacing. It helps to stiffen the bookmark also.
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Adding to the links

by laydenwithstitches » Fri Apr 28, 2006 5:54 pm Magazine Database Comprehensive Freebie List
Cross-Stitch Software Programs Photo to cross-stitch how-to's ----- a lot of interesting links to other sites that have cross stitching information. I don't know how up to date it is I did not try the different sites that she has listed. ---shows how to do stitches and other useful information
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by Rose » Tue May 02, 2006 4:26 am ----the charts here are absolutly fabulous ------this is an on-line shop ---this one has freebies on the site as well as kits and charts to buy ----this is a site with lots of different needs. Patterns, Tips, and they also make patterns for your indivdual needs. ----- there are some really great patterns on this site, books, charts, help hints ---many different items on this site also, tips and patterns not just cross stitch - a cross stitch site with beautiful designs, rose freebie, fabric calculator, e-cards and very useful tips ------this site has a whole group of free samplers ------There are a large number of designs for sale here and also a section of freebies ----- a French site with beautiful free sampler and very nice designs.
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by Rose » Mon May 08, 2006 1:06 am

I don't think anyone has put this site up but it is very nice. ... inting.php ---this one has charts with chinese symbols and giesha girls and some of the gods ---it has kits by this designer -------lots of free patterns ----this one directs you to other sites that have freebies I check out a couple of the links they don't all work, but some do. ---this has a few free patterns and some kits ---you will need to hit the english button at the top unless you read russian. There are some free charts if you look around. ---this has a whole group of free alphabets and other charts. -----medival charts, there are some free. ---nice site with many different crafts all in one place.
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by Ellie » Sun Jun 11, 2006 3:26 pm ... /Home.html -DMC website, free patterns -Online shop -that sells hand dyed threads and other bits and bobs. The place that sells those sugared almonds threads. -sells fabric, threads and charts, and speciality threads. -This one has some beautiful patterns in alot of different catagories -this on has free patterns -Large selection of free patterns made with PCStitch.
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by raelou » Fri Sep 07, 2007 9:31 am - this site has a list of other sites ... 27s%20Bush -
this is meant to be a gallery, sometimes links are provided to get the charts.

this quote was taken directly from the link - you have to sign up as a member but supposedly you get a new freebie everyday. - the name says it all freebies ... signs.html -on the DMC site and they have a whole bunch of new
freebies, here is a quick link to the freebies -You can get CD's with loads of patterns or a lot of these are able to be order and sent to you on line only $1.95 per pattern USD. They have some great patterns ... ?cat_id=36 -This site was sent to me because I order from them and I have there crochet book. So I am on their mailing list. I thought you might like this as it does have some cross patterns. -patterns, threads, and a message board. Mostly the message board is to promote the designer but it does have some interesting stuff. Some of the free patterns it advertises are only available to certain members. It is a bit frustrating when you see something you like and then they say oh it was free but only to a select few. ... o_cruz.htm
found and brought to us by ernie2jess. She tells us lots of freebies.
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by Ernie2jess » Fri Sep 21, 2007 6:28 pm -has freebies to download -freebies to download - this one has pattern for sale and also a freebie button -this one has some interesting ideas and a small selection of freebies -this one they ask you to register. But they also say if you want to order from us first take one our freebies so you know what to expect from us. I think that is a good marketing idea. - this is there section for free patterns. -Have you seen that Leasure Arts have an online store now????? - free patterens newletter and other information very cute christmas card designs Very nice free designs. Click on the yellow links-may take a long time to download

I just discovered a site on which it is very easy to download embroidery patterns. Its at


There are tons of charts. Its in French but its easy to do if you know how to translate the site.
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by sammy_v » Fri Oct 12, 2007 2:39 pm
= theres a few different freebies on this site cross stitch, needlepoint,plastic canvas,blackwork and hardanger. Just click the one u want then d/l (a mix of xstitchs) ... cha2z.htm= theres a full A-Z on here, click what u wish to look at, sometimes and advertisment comes on but if u click on contiune to gallery it goes to this or if u wait then this will also got rite to what u want. Theres a few pages.
= have to register, theres some good charts, have a look at each category as some have free ones some dont. (a mixture) ... /index.php
= click on the category u want then d/l (a mixture)
= there free xstitch patterns, free PLASTIC CANVAS PATTERNS,FREE CROCHET PATTERNS n FREE PATRIOTIC PATTERNS. Just scroll down the page and u will see them, click on the name of what u want and go look at the pics, then click the pic, this will then show u the chat. (a mix)
= scroll down the page theres 2 pages of different xstitch patterns, click on the one u want and it will give u the chart.
= Bird xstitch click on the pic u want and d/l the pic.

http://www.dawnsxstitch.pwp.blueyonder. ... 20list.htm
= this site has put them in alphabetical order, just click what u want then d/l This one has Anniversary patterns
= theres 8 free patterns, click on the one u want, scroll down and at the bottom of the left hand side in the white box theres a thing called patten pages, just click on "whatever name the pattern is" pattern page 1 for first part of the pattern and same for 2 and then click the thread one for the threads needed
= just click on Madam's Hats for the Discerning Witch and Haunted Since...then click on the pic u want for the chart.(halloween)
= Just click where it says d/l here (season xstitch)
= Rose x stitch
= celtic x stitch (just click the one u want and d/l) ... tterns.htm
= (a mix) Just click the one u want chart comes up.
= Just scroll down and it explains what to do, u can d/l with beads or without.
= celtic torot xstitch, just click a name of card and the chart comes up.
= Cats ,cats and more cats, jusst click the blue writing and the chart comes up.
= birds, click the pic and the chart appers.
= need abobe reader, mix xstitchs, just click what u want and chart comes. ... s_toc.html
= a few, mixed xstitchs, just click that u want and chart comes up
= mixed, just click what u want and d/l ... n_page.htm
= mixed,just click and d/l ... stitch.cfm
= again mixed and click to d/l
= mixed, again click and the pattern appers.
= father christmas pattern, click the, click to veiw pattern and it comes up with pattern if u have adobe.
= only 2 one of cats and one of a dove, just click to d/l
= a mix, just click and d/l them ... tterns.htm
= simply click the picture, opens new page with chart etc.
= Large mixed groups, click what u want, some then ask do u want it in colour or b/w. Click the one u want,pattern appers.
= A mix, click pic chart appers in adobe. ... e%20charts
= mixed from the mag, click on read more when u pick one to look at, then d/l
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by Rose » Mon Oct 22, 2007 12:50 am ... nchor.htm- this is a place to convert from Dimensions to DMC or Anchor - this site has both serendipity and also mar-bek patterns. I don't think there are any freebies on this site. - this is a really cute site with many designs to chose from. Seem to have good prices. Not just for cross stitch - there are some freebies on the site and also patterns for sale. -this is a great site if you are looking for military designs. They have soooo many patches and company designs you are sure to find what you are looking for. - an american site that sells many crafting items. cross stitch stuff is under the needlework button. I get there catalog all the time. - another american site that I get a catalog from. Many different crafts but very good information on the site. Stitching guide for stitches and french knot. -hand dyed fabrics and threads from around the world. Stitching goodies galore; charts, kits, and accessories for many needlecrafts cross stitch, hardanger, blackwork, freestyle embroidery and more.. -this is where you can buy your q-snap direct from the distributor. -stock cross stitch kits and threads from Anchor, DMC, Twilleys of Stamford, Heritage Stitchcraft, Cinnamon Cat, Popcorn - this one is mainly a site for hand dyed fabric but they do have free pattern. The fabric is really nice and you can have it cut to your needs. ... spookbook/
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by mags » Mon Nov 05, 2007 10:32 am ... otivo=129#
Brazilian site. Some nice freebies
Some freebies - mainly monochrome
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by Rose » Sun Nov 18, 2007 7:26 pm

Trying to add some more sites and information!!!! this site has some freebies, some victorian,fairies, Christmas and also has patterns for machine stitching site has fantasy patterns, a few small freebies and illistrations, a blog and some other info. --- sorry for not having much info. I don't know french but I do know there are some rather nice freebies(animals, wedding, babies, ect..) ---I just think these are the funniest things--French site ----this one is pretty cute also--French site ---this is a pretty good one for freebies also has kits and is a site you can use to subscribe to magazines. I think it has a forum area too.

Take a look at the Nutcrackers that they have on there, they are so cute.
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by wendywombat » Mon Jan 07, 2008 4:04 pm

Have you seen this one?

Currencies £ $ € . All designs downloadable so no postage.
Nice Biscornu patterns too.

If you want to create words, phases and alphabets it looks useful. I shall have a go later!

Some familiar patterns here I think but I think it's worth a look at!! ... el3=Disney

And another good supplier of fabric & threads

This is nice, some different designs here too. -----fabric

Found this one! Has bookmarks and all sorts of everything here!

Found another freebie ... el3=Disney

And another good supplier of fabric & threads
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Sites I like to look at

by CEJHNeedlework » Mon Apr 07, 2008 5:02 pm

I apologize if in and of the sites I list have already been mentioned.

I found this website when I was hunting for "Classic Winnie the Pooh" designs. They don't seem to have them anymore but they carry a large selection of Disney's Pooh as well as Beatrix Potter Design and other well known kits.

Here there be Dragons! This website started as a Celtic Clothing and Jewelry site but recently added cross stitching patterns with fairies, dragons, Wicca & Celtic symbols etc. My favorite peace is a pattern of legendary creatures in an ark with Nessy in the water and a Phoenix in the sky and the words "Not Forgotten" beneath.

Great place to find supplies in general.

Great place to buy LARGE QUANTITIES at good prices. It is like a Costco for crafting. There are some items you can buy in singles but floss is purchased by the box in each shade.
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Re: Internet Site

by mags » Sat Apr 19, 2008 10:56 am

Must go through all my postings, I forget to add them here.

Lots of small freebie graphs

finishing ideas and links to tutorials:

Saw this chart over at livejournal and just had to share :) Gone stitching!

Found some pretty free biscornu patterns here on Fabby Reilly's site :)

She has a few interesing tutorials aswell :)

Just came across this site. Looks very useful

-"Designer's Forum is for Stitchers and Designers. We offer many convenient links and resources, including:

Finishing Instructions
Stitching Links
Tips On Finishing By Stitchers
Hand-dyed Floss And Fabric Links
Framing Sources
Stitching Instruction
Floss Conversions
A Designer Index

Johnson's have got some quite good offers on at the moment:
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Re: Internet Site

by SusanF » Sat Apr 19, 2008 3:41 pm

Here's a site I found last night and have spent hours now just window shopping in. It has a huge number of cross stitch kits and I've bookmarked it for inspiration.

On the DMC site,, if you join the DMC Club (it's free) you get access to lots of lovely freebies.

Just found a lovely little blog with a freebies advent calendar - today's christmas freebies are quite lovely and well worth a look. The site is A needle and some thread.

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Re: Internet Site

by Nell » Tue Apr 22, 2008 11:05 pm


I found the Happy Cross Stitcher online today, they didnt have any freebies but did have a brilliant clearance section and a deal of the week, which is currently a storage case with 40 skeins of DMC thread for £19.99!
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Re: Internet Site

by Jilly » Fri May 16, 2008 1:13 pm

They Have a shop in York, Wendy mentioned it months ago, but I could not find any link to this site, have a look in the Catalogue link on the left hand side, it's wonderful." target="_blank
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Re: Internet Site

by coffee_freak » Tue Jun 10, 2008 8:12 pm

oh and they use gentle art thread so if you want to use DMC (like me) i searched for a conversion site

converts just about any brand into

Click the yellow rectangle with the red(ish) lettering below each picture. It says "Telechargement gratuit". Then you will enter the name and password (from the sign up sheet below).

But to register first:
*the first section to fill in is for the name (I always use patternnuts)
*second section is for the password
*then password again (confirmation)
*then email

*then check (tick) the very last two boxes
*then the button at the bottom that says "Valider mon inscription".

43 pages of beautiful freebies. YES they are ALL free! great quality too!!
I shall do it on a wonderful piece of green evenweave Rachael sent me a while back.

lots of bunnies, snowmen, butterflies..etc etc..
tons of small quick ones perfect for Mabel!!

I just found
and there aren't freebies but I WILL be hunting down these designs!!

Somebunny loves you

many cute ones! a bunny w/ carrots for sale..cute kitty..etc etc..

since most of you drink tea..found the CUTEST tea cozy free pattern they have put out TONS of the letters at once!!!!
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