Thomas Kinkade Disney kits or patterns

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Thomas Kinkade Disney kits or patterns

by jenstar124 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:10 pm

3 years ago, I started on the Thomas Kinkade Disney cross stitch pattern kits. I have the Lion King and Snow White done, and have Cindarella (very lucky I found it) in the mail, coming today. Unfortunately, the company that produced these kits (MCG Textiles) has seemingly gone out of business and they're no long available anywhere online. I'm not sure whether this is allowed or not, considering the company is now out of business, but I was hoping that someone out there might have the pattern and floss information for the others I'm missing. Again, if allowed, I would be more than happy to also share the Snow White and Cindarella patterns. I'm completely heartbroken that I can't get them any longer, as I had dream to get all of them made and hung on my walls.

Or, if anyone has a kit they would be willing to sell, I would also be willing to take that route. Some are on ebay but are going for $350, which is absurd. I just paid $40 for the one Cindarella amazon had in stock.
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Re: Thomas Kinkade Disney kits or patterns

by Serinde » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:55 pm

Welcome to the forum from the West of Scotland. :wave:

Your instincts are correct. It doesn’t matter that the designer has gone out of business, or even if the designs are no longer printed or available — they are still under copyright. There’s no reason why you can’t exchange the patterns between forum members — provided you do not photocopy them (again, that copyright thing) — and in that way collect the ones you are missing. I agree that the online price was rediculous, but the very definition of supply and demand! :lol: You might find that someone here is willing to sell you the design — but again, they cannot keep a copy for themselves if they do. Good luck!
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