Hand dyed floss Six strand sweets

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Hand dyed floss Six strand sweets

by Fizzbw » Wed Jul 15, 2015 5:28 pm

Just de stashing a bit, I've got several (18) bags of 10 random skeins of hand dyed floss, called Six Strand Sweets, variagated

They are approx 4 yds normal cotton six strand and are cut into approx 1 yd lengths.

They are on ebay and facebook if you want to look at some pictures.

£4 a bag for forum members, PM me :) (inc UK postage)

I also have one bag that is 9 skeins as above and five partially used skeins, also £4...

I also have a bag of five Polstitches dragon floss (£3.50)

Niki xxx
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