How do you organize your floss?

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Re: How do you organize your floss?

by mattcrossstitches » Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:46 pm

So it's been a few years (lol) since my earlier post on this subject, and my system's changed. When I'm working on a pattern, I keep all the bobbins for that pattern together in numerical order on one or more rings, with all the rings together in a ziploc bag. Then I make myself a folding card with punched holes along the edges, marked with the numbers and symbols for each colour. (It's folded in such a way that the floss is on the interior when the card is closed up.)

As I work, I cut chunks of floss off the bobbins and ring knot them onto the appropriate hole in the card. This has been the most practical system I've found so far.
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