taj mahal and peacocks

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taj mahal and peacocks

by medtran49 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 7:31 pm

Hi all,

A HUGE shot in the dark, but long, long ago, I did a dresser scarf (and if that isn't dating myself I don't know what is) that had peacocks and the Taj on it. It got lost over the years or got messed up and thrown away, don't really remember. I can't remember if it was cross-stitch or embroidery or a combo of both (which is what I'm leaning toward though) but it was really pretty and the peacocks were just gorgeous the way the design was. Anyway, I was wondering if anybody else remembers something like it. I think we got it at Kresge's Department store or something similar to that. This was a long time ago, between 40-45 years. Maybe not a dresser scarf since I don't really have a dresser per se anymore (built in closet/shelving/drawers) but I'd love to find the pattern and do something with it again.
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