My perfect stitching evening - Art Bell returns to "radio"

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My perfect stitching evening - Art Bell returns to "radio"

by biscuitsandgravy » Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:57 am

If you know the name Art Bell and have any interest, you already know of what I speak. If you do not, and you have any interest in talk radio, the paranormal, government conspiracies, UFOs, ghosts and anything else like that outside the "norm", you are in for a treat.

Art Bell, legendary talk radio host and driving force behind Coast to Coast AM for many years, is returning to streaming internet radio and select AM stations TONIGHT, 7/19/15, in about 5 minutes (9 pm Pacific). Tonight is slated to be a "dress rehearsal" in advance of his official return on 7/20/15 at 9pm Pacific.

I will certainly be listening tonight and any night I have the chance and I can't think of anything better to put on the "radio" and listen to while I do some stitches.

Visit or to check it out. I have no stake in the show, only a big fan of Art from years back and excited for the new show!
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